The Silence Of Solitude

Published by CD Warhurst on

Softly glow the garden lights
as night begins to fall
blackbirds rush to hunker down
with one last cheerful call
a bat dances through the air
blind yet full of grace
the moon casts an eerie glow
on its lonely trip through space
I close my eyes and drift away
lost in pensive mood
and contemplate another day
with the silence of solitude

In the still of the night
I stare at the ceiling
hearing persistent ticks of a clock
and my own shallow breathing
I begin to ponder
if nothing is real
a lonely owl cries
echoing how I feel
the stealthy creep of sleep
steals my dark interlude
and once again I dream
of the silence of solitude

At gentle break of amber dawn
a robin sings his song of hope
the promise of a brand new day
you tell yourself you’ll cope
flowers unfurl to face the sun
they fill the air with subtle scent
a wren flits from bough to bough
living in the moment
I open my eyes and look around
nature lifts my mood
as I begin another day
in the silence of solitude


Craig Warhurst