Revenge is a dish best thrown in the bin

Revenge is not ice cream. It is not best served cold, neither is it sweet. Ever. Revenge is stupid. It is an entirely negative emotion that leeches your positive energy and gnaws at your happiness. No good can come of it and no deed can be undone by it. Two wrongs never make a right. If you allow yourself to be consumed by revenge then the person who wronged you now owns you. They are controlling your life. You are thinking about them instead of concentrating on your own path.

If someone cuts you up on the motorway curse if you must but just let it go. Karma will catch up with them further down the road. Don’t let the blood rush to your head and go haring after them — that will achieve nothing and could even lead to you being in an accident. How would you feel if your recklessness made an oncoming car swerve off the road and someone died? No matter how evil the deed against you may be, revenge is not the answer. Whatever happens to you in life you must accept it and move on. Only then can you truly find peace and happiness. Bearing grudges and dreaming of revenge will only confine your mind to a desperate prison. If someone calls you names on social media they are the ones that have a problem; you need to forget about them and remain focussed on your own life. Do not allow the negative energy of others drain your own positivity. Be who you are and don’t let others change you and drag you down to their level. Help others if you can but if you have nothing positive to give them then give them nothing; never be negative towards anyone for that always results in you losing something of yourself. An eye for an eye means both of you end up losing an eye. Fighting fire with fire just means you have a bigger fire. Just walking away may not always be the easiest option but it is the one that will reward your soul.