Is There a Write! Way to Blog?

I have been looking for alternative ways to post to my web site ever since I discovered WordPress were on the verge of introducing their new post editor, Gutenberg.

Gutenberg will appeal to many, but it does not suit how I work at all. Earlier, I posted an article about this directly from my iPad, and I was really pleased with how well it worked. That is definitely an option for me now, writing in Byword on the iPad and posting directly to my site.

However, I am always looking for more options and I really wanted a way to achieve what I now could on my iPad with a PC or Mac. Just as I had with the iPad, I realised the answer was already on my PC in the form of a text editor called Write! I had used Write! (don’t nag me, the exclamation mark is part of the name) quite a lot in its fledgling days but it had kind of been forgotten once my addiction to Scrivener began. It has been updated a few times since I last used it, with new features and bug fixes. It now has a new pink theme option, which looks way cooler than it looks, and also a black theme for those more in touch with the dark side than their feminine side.

It has another superpower that interests me though. Like Byword, it can publish to WordPress. Boom! Back of the net. And this post is the living proof. I am happy again.

Go ahead WordPress, force Gutenberg on the unsuspecting masses. I’ve got the tools I need to do things my way.

If you want to check out Write! For yourself their website is here.