I Love Walking At Dusk

I love going for walks at dusk. A time when Day has lost interest and Night is still getting ready, going over her lines. Your eyes begin to play tricks and you see otherworldly shapes in the shadowy twilight. Blackbirds urgently call to each other with staccato panic as they seek refuge from the descending veil of darkness. Time and space playfully bend the rules and test each other out, while trees you have seen a thousand times reveal a sinister side and cast doubt on their good intentions. You begin to feel as though you’ve stumbled into a secret dimension where nothing is as it seems and you wonder how much longer your trespassing may go undetected by eyes that desire your demise…

There’s a sense of uneasy transition as creatures from different realms briefly co-exist in a tense no man’s land where nothing quite belongs and everything is shrouded in menace and foreboding. Then all of a sudden the street lights kick in and the fickle maleficents scuttle off into the darkness and leave you to snuggle up in your comfort blanket of artificial light as you make your way home through familiar pools of dim illumination.